Augustus is an instructor of the Vietnamese martial art system:  ‘Bửu Sơn Phật Môn Quyền (寶山佛門拳) – a Buddhist tradition that originated in Southwestern Vietnam along the Viet-Khmer border.
Due to historical circumstances, the tradition incorporates Buddhism as well as aspects of Chinese, Thai-Khmer, and indigenous Vietnamese martial arts. Augustus currently teaches in Hanoi, under the auspices of Master Quảng Huyền 釋廣玄禪師.

Augustus has trained in various martial arts from a young age and has gained proficiency and/or ranks in the following styles:

  • Taekwondo
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu
  • Vietnamese traditional wrestling
  • Escrima/Arnis
  • White Crane Kung Fu
  • Boxing/Kick boxing
  • Judo

Along with training and teaching, Augustus works writing and consulting about martial arts and the related history and culture. For more information on classes or martial arts projects, he can be contacted through this site or via email.