Where Tigers Roam

In the wilderness of the Far East there is only one decision to be made… Fight or Die.

Peter Wallace is used to change, but this is beyond any nightmare he could imagine.

When his family are attacked and his parents murdered, he awakes in an unfamiliar land with only fractured memories. The teenager comes to learn how he has been left for dead whilst Sophie, his older sister, has been imprisoned by a ruthless and power-hungry warlord.

Separated by hundreds of miles and with enemies on their tails, Peter and Sophie find themselves making unlikely friends, training in martial arts, and fighting to survive against warriors and the wilderness.

Astonishing twists of fate take the brother and sister on an epic journey in an all-or-nothing struggle for family, revenge, redemption, and escape.

The Martial Arts of Vietnam

“The Martial Arts Of Vietnam – An overview of the history and styles” is the first English Language book to look in detail at the systems, styles and histories of Vietnamese martial arts and their related practices. Written as a culmination of many years research and practice of traditional Vietnamese martial arts by author Augustus John Roe, The Martial Arts of Vietnam has been informed directly by first hand sources. Interviews with masters, students and academic research have all been drawn upon to provide the most detailed and up-to-date work written on the history, culture and martial arts practices of Vietnam.
The Martial Arts of Vietnam features around one hundred original images taken on location, as well as maps and timelines detailing important historical events and points of interest, a listing of the martial arts schools and styles discussed in the book, and a glossary of important Vietnamese terms for readers to refer to.

100 Tips for Teaching English Abroad

With over a billion learners worldwide, English has become the fastest spreading language in human history. As a result, teaching English abroad provides an abundance of opportunities for anyone looking to travel, try something different, or even find a new career. 100 Tips for Teaching English Abroad has been developed in response to the real issues English teachers face in foreign countries and informed entirely through first-hand experience. With insight from a wide-range of industry professionals, this book helps the reader answer the most important questions in every English teachers’ career: ‘How can I get started?’ ‘How can I teach effectively?’ ‘How can I thrive long-term?’


“Artist on the mic” Interview (12.20 onwards)