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The Martial Arts of Vietnam – An Overview of History and Styles” is the  winner of the “Best Sports Book” Award at the 2020 American Book Fest. It is the first English-language book to detail the combat systems of a land shaped by centuries of conflict. Stunning photography, era timelines and maps present readers with an engaging look at the country and its unique martial arts. 

With over a billion learners worldwide, English has become the fastest spreading language in human history. “100 Tips for Teaching English Abroad” helps the reader answer the most important questions in every English teachers’ career.


About the author

Augustus John Roe is an award-winning author, editor, linguist and martial artist. He is originally from the United Kingdom but splits his time between his home country and Vietnam, where he has lived for a number of years. He writes both fiction and non-fiction in a number of genres. He specializes in education, culture, travel and martial arts. For more information about any of his publications or availability please contact him directly through this website or follow the links to social media.

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