The Martial Arts Of Vietnam

The Martial Arts of Vietnam is the first English-language book to detail the combat systems and martial culture of a land shaped by centuries of conflict.

The Martial Arts of Vietnam offers stunning photography, era timelines, and regional maps that allow for an engaging adventure through Vietnam’s northern, central, and southern regions, all in search of events and catalysts that shaped its martial history through the ages.

Praise for the Martial Arts of Vietnam:

We are truly indebted to Master Augustus John Roe for writing this book. In it, he not only shares the unique experiences he gained as he sought out martial artists throughout Vietnam, but also opens up for us their traditions, cultural practices, histories, stories, philosophies, and beliefs. 
—Venerable Quang Huyen, PhD in Vietnamese literature and culture, author of Dharma Mountain Buddhism & Martial Yoga

A detailed exploration of the various Vietnamese martial arts, both foreign and indigenous, that fills a gap in the available research on combative systems. Both informative and interesting, this book will surely stimulate further research and debate on the subject. A ten out of ten! —Jamie Lee Baron Hanshi, President of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences.

This book represents an amazing amount of research and is a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge in the field of martial arts, history, and culture.—Dr. Antonio Graceffo, Author and black belt in Cambodian martial arts