Augustus' Story

Augustus began to travel in his early twenties and soon found himself attracted to East Asia—more than likely a result background in the Asian martial arts. Although his passion for reading and writing began at a young age, the characters and stories he discovered on his travels reawakened a passion for the written word.

From 2015 onwards, Augustus completed a number of articles, academic papers and two books on martial arts and education. He has since been working on various other fiction and non-fiction projects.

Please see the “Upcoming Work” section for more details about future publications.  


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Upcoming Works

Augustus is currently working on a number of projects. Some of which are:

  • A study on the Folk Literature behind Vietnamese Martial Arts.
  • A book detailing the striking systems of other Southeast Asian nations.
  • A narrative non-fiction (travel) book detailing his experiences as an expatriate in Asia.

Pre-orders for all of the above as well as several other exciting projects will be announced later in the year, so watch this space!

Besides writing,  Augustus is working as an editor on a number of projects as well as continuing with his own studies as a martial artist and educator.


2018/2019 Fight highlights

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"Body & Soul - Martial Arts Culture" published in "The Guide Magazine" 2018.